International Society for Naturopathic Medicine

Level II training

Objective: Improve practice of nutritionists and dietitians

Total: 20 hours didactic + 10 hours clinicals

Class 1) Most common health problems in China today and predicted in the future -1 hour

Class 2 and 3) General immune support –

·     dietary changes when immune function is low

·     foods that decrease immune function

·     foods that increase immune function

·     foods to dispel mucus

·     heat vs. cold conditions and foods associated

 Supplements for immune support:

·     Echinacea – when and how much

·     Vit C – when and how much, which form

·     Zinc – how much, which form

·     Elderberry syrup – how much

·     Cherry bark – how much

·     Licorice root – what form, how much

·     NAC- how much

Class 4 and 5) Cardiovascular disease

·     Heart healthy foods

·     Foods that contribute to heart disease

·     Comparison of dietary options

·     Foods to help hypertension

Supplements for Cardiovascular disease:

·     supplements for hypertension

·     supplements for high cholesterol

·     heart supportive supplements

Class 6 and 7) Diabetes/hypoglycemia/syndrome X

·     determine the cause – low serotonin? Lowpancreatic enzymes?  Candida?

·     Food combining explained

·     Low glycemic vs. high glycemic foods

·     The importance of not putting extra stress onyour pancreas

Supplements for sugar imbalance:

·     Chromium Picolinate – in what form and how much

·     Gymnema  -in what form and how much

·     5-HTP – to raise serotonin – how much

·     Candida killers

·     Sugar craving supplements

Class 8 and 9) Weight management

·     Basel metabolic rate and what that means

·     Ways to raise metabolic rate physically

·     Determine cause of weight – overeating,emotional, hormonal, physiological

·     Good foods for weight loss

·     The importance of fiber

·     The importance of movement

Supplements for weight loss:

·     Metabolic stimulator supplements

·     Cautions with stimulant type supplements

·     Supplements for cravings

·     Supplements for hormone balancing

·     Supplements to help the liver detox

Class 10 and 11) Stress/Anxiety/Mood management

·     Todays society breeds a lot of stress, as aresult we have the fight or flight mechanism going off in our bodies a lot, producing adrenalin and then cortisol.  Excess cortisol can lead to weight gain, chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue.

·     Foods that nurture the nervous system

·     Teas that feed the nervous system

·     Hypoglycemia and stress levels

·     Carbohydrates and depression

·     Mindful eating

Supplements for mood disorders:

·     B vitamins for stress

·     B12 for fatigue

·     Vit D3 for depression and fatigue

·     MTFHR mutation and B vitamins and depression

·     Kava Kava

·     Chamomile

·     5 HTP and tyrosine for depression and foodcravings

·     Magnesium for stress

·     Glycine for stress

Class 12 and 13) Anti-Aging

·     Anti aging begins from the inside, despite thefact it is visible on the outside.  It is imperative that we put the correct nutrients in our body to age gracefully.

·     Foods that are anti aging

·     Importance of hydration

·     Collegan building foods

Supplements for anti-aging:

·     Skin nurturing supplements

·     Hair supplements

·     Detox supplements

Class 14 and 15) Detoxification

·     The importance of detoxification in todayssociety

·     Foods you can add to your diet to detox daily

·     Plants that you can add to your environment tohelp you clean the air

·     Foods that improve oxygenation of tissues

·     Foods that help your liver, colon and kidneys detoxify

Supplements for detoxification:

·     Liver supportive supplements

·     Colon detox supplements

·     Kidney detox supplements

·     Skin clearing supplements

·     Cautions on detoxing too quickly                                                                


·     Removing all possible toxins from yourenvironment.

Class 16 and 17) Chronic Pain and Inflammatory conditions

·     Reasons for chronic pain and inflammation,disease conditions and causes

·     Anti inflammatory foods

·     Intestinal health as it pertains to chronic pain and inflammation

·     Different diets comparison of anti inflammatory diets

·     Nightshade removal

Supplements for Inflammatory conditions:

·     Boswelia

·     Quercitin

·     Curcumin

·     Enzymes

·     Combination formulas

·     Magnesium for pain

Food allergen removal for inflammation

Class 18 and 19) Gastrointestinal health

·     The importance of intestinal health

·     What is intestinal permeability

·     What is leaky gut

·     What is food sensitivity

·     How do common GI diseases benefit from food elimination diets

·     How to choose the diet for you

·     How to determine what you are sensitive to

Supplements for your intestine:

·     L- glutamine – healing

·     Slippery Elm – healing

·     Aloe Vera –healing

·     DGL- healing

·     Probiotics – what kind, what balance, how much,what form

·     Digestive enzymes – uses

·     Pancreatic enzymes – uses

·     Vit C or Mg Citrate for constipation

·     Fiber

·     Colon health supplements

Class 20)  Conclusionand summation of what you learned in classes 2-19

10 hours of clinical training:

Case studies presented grand rounds style in group forum:

Cases given out and returned by students on each learning objective 1-2 cases with diet plan and supplement outline returned