International Society for Naturopathic Medicine
Dr. Xiaoyan Hu

Dr. Hu holds a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology. Dr. Hu has been working as a neuroscientist for over 12 years. She became the president of ISNM not because her academic achievement, but due to her experience with nutrition, naturopathic medicine and also non-profit organizations. Dr. Hu is a very unique person. She founded two non-profit organizations and devote most of her weekends to work in the community to promote naturopathic medicine. Dr. Hu believes education is the key. We can achieve our goals by improve awareness of mental health. It is very hard to find someone like her--Passionate about life, Positive about we can change the world and Tough/Reliable when it comes to be team leader. We are very fortunate to have her as our president of Greater China. We all start to pay attention to what is happening in China and are very impressed with the progress she has made by herself in China. We are so proud of her.

NIAS in China

NIAS was established on 10/30/2016 in Beijing,China

NIAS represents Nutrition International Advanced Studies.

Slogan: Do what others don't want to do (such as free education for the public)/Do what others can not do (such as international collaboration and system design)

Mission of NIAS

1) Bring the evidence-based nutritional medicine to China;

2) Take Chinese traditional medicine to the world.

Goals of NIAS

1) Empower the public with knowledge through free public education ( We have done it for over 1 yr and have impacted over 1 million people);

2) Improve the awareness of clinicians about the power of nutritional medicine;

3) Help 100 top dietitians and health professionals become the leaders in 10 specific fields.


1) Autism as the first model to build a close system. There will be one theme every year covering topics from Alzheimer's disease,ADHD, depression, anxiety----;

2) International Forum goes first, followed by publishing books, professional trainings, clinic trials, products development and target group formed.

Here is the  webpage for the forum last year.

The forum is just the beginning.

What we have done during and after the forum : 1) First one to define nutritional medicine; 2) First one to host international nutritional medicine forum; 3) First to bring biomedical treatment especially nutritional intervention to China; 4) First to do biomedical training for pediatricians here in China; 5) First to develop SCD ( Specific Carbohydrate Diet ) legal standard; 6) First to build the strong relationship with top companies in the field to form a close circle from agriculture, diet, toxins testing, research and development of SCD legal snacks, clinic testings and treatment plan to package plan; 7) First to publish book on SCD and nutritional medicine; 8) First to design series courses on NCAS. 9) Trained  over 500 physicians and nutritionists on biomedical treatment for autism. 10) First 6 NCAS consultant started to provide professional service for the clients. 11) First collaboration with the biggest children health department (1200~1800 children in clinic every day) in China to do research on finding the common gene SNP on major pathways impacting brain function, such as MTHFR, MTR/MTRR, COMT and MAO A. 12) First book on SCD diet will be published July, 2018. We were the first one to bring SCD diet therapy to China and I believe you can see how we plan and pursue things in China. With the huge success of 1st International forum, we will keep hosting the 2nd one this Oct in Beijing, China.